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Interactive collaboration increases team productivity.

International collaboration and communication within inter-disciplinary teams is no longer the exception. A solution has to be fast, simple and targeted and support efficient collaboration and promote communication. Teamwork and project management are changing. With the right tools, efficient meetings and video conferences are child’s play. Our experts not only show you how to take advantage of this change, but they’ve also got the right solution for your business.

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Interactive collaboration increases team productivity.

Developments in information and communications technologies are leading the way, and our world is connected stronger than ever. With a few clicks, we can talk to people in different countries—in different continents, even. This is true in our private lives as well as in business, and your employees want to use this possibility. It doesn’t matter anymore if your colleague is sitting in the office next door or thousands of kilometres away, video conferences enable you to exchange information with members of your team in seconds. Digital whiteboards and the use of mobile devices facilitate unparalleled forms of collaboration. Efficient project communication between individual team members and other stakeholders is now possible over the greatest distances.


Modern collaboration opens up great potential for your business.

The basis for this is smart boards, which have a computer and video conferencing system already integrated which provide the perfect conditions for collaboration: You, your colleague in the branch office and your external sales representative can all work simultaneously on the same project, wherever you are in the world. You have access to data in the cloud or on the company’s own server and can start turning your ideas into reality—almost in real-time. Write or draw on the interactive whiteboard and your colleagues can see your changes within a few seconds. Your meetings are more interactive and you can make better decisions, faster.

A lot of the individual solutions only reach their full potential when combined with others. Smart boards used with video conferencing systems are made for participants to brainstorm together, massively increasing the efficiency of meetings. Develop ideas collectively that will ultimately increase the success of your team. Make a note of suggestions and feedback directly in your documents you are working on using a suitable pen. This modern form of communication leverages smart project management and ensures successful meetings.

Save on large meeting rooms and travel expenses.

Video conferences have a lot of benefits for project communication, some of which have direct financial advantages. International teams often have huge travel expenses—they have to make arrangements and sometimes even visit a customer or stakeholder as a team. Travel and accommodation costs can quickly soar while productivity falls as people are never as concentrated when travelling as they are in the office. On top of that, by no means all business trips are necessary, for example, when the meeting is to discuss project objectives or to give a quick presentation on project status only. Modern whiteboards and video conferencing systems enable you to do these things without your employees having to leave the office. Thanks to high-quality cameras, all participants in a video conference can be seen in perfect HD quality while the built-in microphones ensure good communication. And smart whiteboards also make it possible to share the conference with all attendees.

The benefits are obvious:

  • Unnecessary trips are reduced.
  • Absences due to business trips are kept to a minimum.
  • Lower travel costs.
  • Large meeting rooms are no longer necessary.
  • There is less environmental impact.

Train your customers and employees independently of time and location.

Modern collaboration solutions not only aid project communication and make conferences and meetings more efficient, but also offer a way for you to train employees and customers. Your developers can prepare internal trainings for sales or marketing, which can then be held without having to leave the building—even if having numerous locations normally makes this unavoidable. The sales department can update its customers with interactive webinars. And your customers will welcome the fact that your staff don’t have to leave the company for product training, but can expand or refresh their knowledge regardless of time and location.

Interested in the many exciting opportunities that interactive collaboration opens up? Get in touch. Whether smart boards, video conferencing systems or interactive displays. our experts will find a solution, tailored to your needs!

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