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Protecting your printer – is that really necessary?

Yes. But this is something that by no means all companies realise. The lack of protection for—often outdated—printers is alarming.

We’ve all been observing digitalisation and all of the new developments that come with it—especially with regard to printing. But the paperless office is still a myth because people are still printing just as much as they used to. And today, printers can do far more than just print. Multifunction printers (MPF) have long been a staple of many company networks—uniting scanning, printing, copying and faxing—for a variety of uses. But in terms of IT security hardly anyone seems to be considering these intelligent printers. With the right measures, however, your data security can be increased, while lowering the risk of cyber-attacks and protecting important information when printing.

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Data security and protecting information.

IT security is vital to our modern world, but it’s becoming ever clearer how few companies really think about their print setups. Printers used to be simple pieces of hardware—now they’re integrated into your company network, just like a PC. An MFP offers many opportunities and is powerful – keeping it secure is especially important. This can be done by taking the right measures to enhance print security and ensure that your information stays confidential.


Print security – What makes for safe printing? 

A modern MFP more or less features the same components and capacity as a PC, and is constantly connected to your company’s network.

While users require a single network protocol each, MFPs support multiple protocols. If you’ve not checked that other protocols are disabled, there’s a risk of hackers gaining access to your company network—resulting in it falling victim to cyber-attacks. And that’s not the only security risk you face—and many users in industry or public institutions simply aren’t aware of these facts:

  • All employees and maybe even visitors have access to your printers. They can be modified subtly, so print jobs can be diverted.
  • Confidential documents can be printed but not collected straight away, or even forgotten about. Sensitive data can quickly fall into the wrong hands. 

Measures to protect confidential information.

What measures can companies take to increase printing security? First of all, it’s important for companies to be aware of the issue of security when it comes to printing. Creating unforgeable documents is one option, and “pull printing” is another popular way of raising security levels.

Documents aren’t simply printed and left, increasing the security of your information. But even just the right setting on your devices and the location of the printer can keep your data more secure. There’s also software that monitors your printer fleet and records external access, or you can simply regularly monitor your devices for unauthorised access.

Data security and the right printer fleet.

Installing the right printer also is crucial for tight security. But printing is more than just setting up a printer. In addition to considering printer type, print volume, and the number of employees, you have to answer some other important questions:

  • What sort of company device landscape do you have?
  • Where can and should printers be placed to ensure optimum print efficiency and security?
  • Are you using mobile printing, from end devices, for example, and how are you carrying out electronic data transfer?
  • Where and how are your printers integrated in your network? Are there security gaps and what can you do to close them?
  • Does your company need to implement more IT and data security measures?

Our all-inclusive print package.

Every company has data that is in their interests to protect and needs an IT security expert to help them secure their printing in the right way. We’ll advise you, including helping you choose the right printer for your company. Finding the right device, together with sorting out maintenance and servicing plus buying the right consumables takes up valuable time and resources. Managed Printing Solutions are a good opportunity to outsource these processes, so you can invest your resources and time in your business.

ARP – Experts in printing security and print services.

With several years of specialising and experience in printing and print management, our own ARP experts have IT expertise and extensive skills in print security at their fingertips. Our all-inclusive package takes care of everything:  The right devices, software, security configuration, and device maintenance. We’ll also be right by your side with our experience and expert knowledge. Simply get in touch with us for a consultation!

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