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Think printing is outdated? Think again. Recent studies show that, in the face of digitalisation, print volume is only falling slowly. We’ve all heard about paperless offices, but the reality is that companies and public institutions are finding it hard to turn the theory into practice. People print out of habit or to get a clear overview of their work, not to mention the need for hard copies of critical business documents. Your company is going to struggle to completely abort printing.

Managed Print Service.
Cost and resource-saving printing.

Simply hitting “Print” without thinking about what you are doing means costs can soon add up. Do you know how many devices you have in your company? Have you strategically positioned printers so that your employees can access them easily while keeping the number of devices in use to a minimum? When it comes to printing, it’s important that you inform your employees about the importance of saving resources and that you have the right, up to date, secure printers for your needs. Optimisation and printer management can quickly reduce costs, enabling you to invest your budget better.

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Together with you we develop your suitable printing concept.

Keep an overview.

We analyze your printing needs. With our solutions you have full control.

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Protect your data. With our secure printing solutions.

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We focus on printing - you can focus on your business.

The multiple benefits of printer management.

Comprehensive MPS solutions, printer services such as output management and managed document services as well as the procurement of office supplies such as ink and toner simply when they are needed: We’ve got the right solution for you. We can also advise you on the topics of mobile printing, printing quality and optimum office supplies. One of the partners we work closely together with is HP, which also has profound expertise when it comes to security in the printing sector.

Protect data with the right printer.

The topic of print security is all too often neglected. But these days, printers are just as integrated into the company network as your PCs are. By employing the right measures, you can be sure that your data is protected when printing.

That’s where we come in. We help you print intelligently, saving you time and resources. Get in touch and we’ll find your perfect solution:

Take advantage of our expertise in print management!

Easy Page delivers what it promises. We help you to print cost-effectively, tailored for your needs. We focus on your requirements. We analyse your real needs together with you. Save time and money and learn more now!

Inks and toner are empty? Automize your ink and toner procurement with us – you receive them just-in-time. Easy and fast. We show you how to save effort with us!

Protect your confidential information. FollowMe Printing is the easy solution to save money and print safer. Learn more about this solution.

Security is a must when it comes to printing. Do you also have your printers in mind? With our solutions and devices, you print securely and protect your sensitive data and your network. Print safely and learn more now!

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