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Today’s world is connected and companies’ internal networks are the backbone of their economy. We use services like clouds every day without a second thought, even though they were unimaginable or mere dreams just a few years ago. But these services require enormous amounts of data that race around global highways every day. In order to enable your network infrastructure to handle such a high load, the approximate data volume needs to be taken into consideration in the planning phase. This lets you create a future-safe, user-oriented plan and avoids bottle necks further down the line. But even if your network is already up and running, it’ll still need optimising, updating or dismantling, in order for it to stay financially viable. The latest trends are, without a doubt, virtualisation and Network as a Service—entire IT infrastructures can be optimised and centrally managed.

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WLAN, LAN or WAN - It is up to you!

But the technology you opt for—LAN, WLAN, or WAN—is always down to your requirements and local conditions. Something far more important than your transmission technology, however, is keeping your data safe. Secure transfer of data should be companies’ top priority—and not just because of the recent large data leaks.


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Unfortunately, many companies still see data protection more as a burden and less as a competitive edge, meaning that over the past few years we’ve seen, time and time again, how accessible and poorly prepared many enterprises still are. Hardly a month goes by without a story about a medium to large scale data breach among German mid-sized companies. All too often, employees open harmful attachments without realising the consequences and with no monitoring or access protection mechanisms, criminals immediately have access to all your sensitive information. The damage can often cost in the region of six-figures—and that’s not even mentioning the damage to your image. On the other hand, with a commitment to data protection and using appropriate security measures, you could soon become well-known as a reliable partner.

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