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The continually increasing performance hunger in the company environment shortens the service life of computers and servers: after only a few months, technically faultless hardware must be replaced because requirements have risen drastically. In some cases IT units are procured only for single projects. Doing things this way substantially increases IT department and IT management costs especially for large companies. The answer to this is: IT lifecycle management and remarketing of ARP. From procurement to disposal, our experts can advise you on the buying and selling of your IT infrastructure.

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IT lifecycle management preserves the value of your investments.

A company’s top strategic goal is profitability. Therefore, nobody likes to see continually rising costs for the procurement of new IT equipment. By buying and IT remarketing via ARP you retain the value of your equipment, go easy on the budget for your IT and protect the environment. Whether disposal or resale, we take care of every step so that you can concentrate on your core businesses. When doing so we pay great attention to data protection. Make use of our many years of experience. Benefit from our proven and tested procedure when purchasing used IT products:

  • We can fully advise you on the options.
  • We provide trolleys and boxes in which the IT hardware can be safely transported.
  • Transport is carried out directly by our IT remarketing specialists.
  • In closely monitored security areas the goods are identified and given a serial number.
  • Used IT hardware is visually and technically checked by trained and experienced technicians.
  • Any sensitive data present is safely and efficiently deleted from old hardware before it is sent for IT remarketing.
  • Faultless hardware only arrives refurbished in the resale shop. If faulty it is sent for recycling. Component parts that work are also used as spare parts in Remarketing.

Our IT lifecycle management follows very clear goals:

  • Reuse of used hardware as functional IT equipment.
  • Functioning used component modules should be used again.
  • Accumulated raw materials such as plastics and metals should be recycled.
  • The disposal of broken electronics is done professionally and in accordance with legal requirements.

Transparency and security at all times.

Frequently, used computers and data media still store sensitive data, which is not intended for unknown eyes. Therefore our IT remarketing specialists have their own data processing system, which shows all the steps for reusing. Using its serial number, used hardware can be traced, from its inward delivery to secure data deletion then its international sale. Due to the open interfaces of our system to other systems it also meets the public authority requirement.

Are you interested in selling your used IT? We are well-integrated into a network of long-term reliable partners. Therefore we can support you using our full experience of the complex process of life cycle management, from IT purchasing, collection and certified data deletion to selling in the online shop or IT recycling of your used equipment.  In which case it doesn’t matter whether or not it concerns computers, laptop, servers or mobile devices. Get in touch with our contact partner and you will receive all the additional information as part of a professional consultation.

Green IT and Green Computing

Sustainability has increasingly come to be regarded as a concept for success in the IT sector in recent years. The resources of our planet are finite, so we must make use of them more efficiently. We attempt to reduce the energy consumption of your IT infrastructure and in the computer centres with modern solutions and concepts.

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