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IT must function reliably, and if at all possible it should be state-of-the-art. It is a challenge for companies to be able to work in a modern and targeted way. Because an investment in IT does not just mean financing the procurement of the hardware, warranty agreements or extensions, license management, servicing and repairs can all entail costs. Keeping an overview of these expenses can quickly become a complex task. And unexpected costs can also hit the balance sheet. For that reason, IT should be able to support the ability of your company to face the future; an investment that needs to be made. The right financing for your IT expenditures from a reliable partner is therefore all the more important. We would be glad to advise you regarding financing, and we have more than the costs for your hardware in view when we do this!

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IT Financing: a current topic.

The need for financial services in the IT sector is increasing. Why is that? Today companies often work internationally networked, their employees place ever greater demands on the IT hardware. This change is also reflected in the studies; many employees are more satisfied with their employer if they are provided with the right equipment. Furthermore, new IT also makes fast, effective and networked working possible. Thus, an investment is worthwhile. On the other hand. companies want to concentrate on their core business. The IT infrastructure for this is a consumer object, or, to put it more simply, if companies need a new laptop today, they do not want to own it. It is far more the case that their employees can work effectively with it. The leasing or financing model is therefore all the more attractive.


Take the strain off your balance sheet by using suitable financing.

We have the solution for your IT financing: As part of the Bechtle group, we work closely together with our own financial services company that is part of our corporate group and has been approved by the German BaFin financial authorities. If you wish to finance your IT procurement, we will work out the right financing for you and match the financing period and repayment instalments to your needs. This is transparent and without any hidden costs, so you know right from the very beginning what your financing will look like.

With 360-degree financing: well thought out and oriented towards the future. 

Here we work together on the preconditions for financing that is suitable for you, draw up a financing plan and would be glad to include further projects and IT investments into our 360-degree view. In this way you can plan flexibly and still work using state of the art technology.

The advantages of hardware financing at a glance:

  • Flexible financing periods
  • No hidden costs, full transparency
  • You retain liquidity, less use of your IT budget
  • No high one-time expenditures, this relieves your balance sheet

We draw up a suitable form of financing together with you. Secure liquidity in your company, benefit from the attractive terms and conditions and low one-time outgoings. Profit for financing offers that have been tailored to your individual needs. Working together with our partners from the Bechtle group, we can offer you the comprehensive service that a strong corporate grouping can provide for all your demands.

We support you through all the phases of the IT life cycle, starting with consulting and information, through the rapid and simple purchasing of your IT products and solutions, up to services such as financing and leasing. We always stand by you as a partner and also take care of the servicing of your hardware and the recycling of it at the end of its use. Just contact our IT experts, we would be glad to help you and advise you.

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