Are you covering all bases when it comes to printing security? Confidential documents are being printed in company offices all the time, and if you’re not taking the right precautions, they can easily fall into the wrong hands. Even electronic data can be intercepted on its way to the printer—because modern printers are integrated into your company network just like PCs. So security when processing your data electronically plays an important role in keeping it safe.

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Confidential information leaving protected areas.

When you print documents, the information has to leave the secure area of IT and is printed for anyone to read, in theory. What can you do? One method is to use modern devices and the right software. Another important piece in your armour is follow-me printing—a simple but extremely effective solution to protect your print jobs.


Identification by password, RFID or magnetic cards.

There are various ways to identify yourself at the printer to release your print job. One method is to log on to the printer in just the same way as you do for PCs in your domain. The second option is RFID technology— for example magnetic cards. Card identification is quick and easy when based on a simple sender-receiver model (card and printer) using electromagnetic waves.

Whichever authentication method you choose; follow-me printing can also help you save money.

Pull-Printing. Key benefits at a glance.

Secure your data.

Keep your data and documents secure.

Save costs.

Lower your print costs and free up budget for use elsewhere

Change mind-settings.

Promote responsible printing in your company and secure handling of documents

Tailored along your needs.

Benefit from a tailored solution that we’ll develop with you.

Cut your company’s printing costs!

Studies have shown that pull printing lowers printing outlay. How? It’s simple: Because they know printing takes longer, users consider whether they really need to print documents, and consequently far fewer documents are actually sent to the printer. Another way print costs are reduced is that you can set the printer to automatically delete print jobs that have been waiting for a long time. This saves consumables like paper, increases responsible printing and saves you money.

How does follow-me printing work?

Follow-me printing is based on “pull printing”—your print job is held on the server and only released when you check in at the printer you’ve sent your job to in person.  This ensures that you collect your printout as soon as it’s ready.

Take advantage of our experience of more than 20 years in printing—and reduce your print costs. Get in touch with us now, and we’ll advise you on the right solution for you, using modern printers, ensuring your printing stays secure and future-proof!

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